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We specialize in the combination of medical aesthetic treatments, anti-aging medicine, cosmetic surgery, dental aesthetics and hair restoration.
Embark with us on a journey to achieve a radiant harony between your inner worth and what poeple see from the outside.
Feel your natural beauty come to life.


Lips Augmentation
Medical Detox Therapy
Chemical Peel
Acne Treatment


Carbon Laser
Laser Hair Removal
Laser Mole 
Laser Pigmentation


Hydra R Intensive Booster
Thread Lift
V Face Reshaping
Vaginal Tightening

Dr. Adam Tan

Dr Adam's Welcome Message

At Monette Ansley, we provide the best quality treatments with the latest technology, all in a safe and serene environment. We have a mission of helping clients enjoy the process of enhancing their inherent, natural beauty. By following the core values of integrity, excellence, kindness, and compassion, the team at Monette Ansley provides the highest quality aesthetic services in Klang Valley. The team believes it’s what we give of ourselves to others that truly makes us beautiful. Clients should feel confident at the practice and can expect to get fantastic results. The team offers consultations for all aesthetic services, so clients can get the information they need before committing to a specific treatment. Do drop by or contact us – we would love to hear from you!

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